Monday, October 29, 2007

Can I Have A Do-Over?

Pop quiz: what is the least welcome on a Monday morning?

a) Waking up to house temps of 62* due to a wonky furnace thermostat
b) Arriving at your office and promptly spilling your cup of tea all over your desk
c) Feeling the beginning of a urinary tract infection coming on
d) All of the above.

Happy Monday, all -- I hope you're off to a better start than me this morning!


Anonymous said...

Poor Ruth. Yes, thank you, my Monday was far better than yours. We won't talk about my Tuesday.:)

Has your situation improved today? Good thoughts are coming your way.

We had a defective thermostat last winter and it took too long for me to realize why I was freezing to death. The new one is fabulous and I can program it,which is a boon.

Vitamin C and cranberry juice used on a regular basis can sometimes prevent UTIs but I don't think they can cure one. Did you go to the doctor?

Take good care and feel better. May the rest of your week go smoothly.



RuthWells said...

Hugs to you, Marcia! Matters have improved significantly. The UTI is fading away without meds and my bi-annual check with the nephrologist on Monday was good -- kidney function is right where it was six months ago. I may do some tequila shots this weekend in celebration. : )