Wednesday, October 31, 2007

To Everything, There Is A Season,

and the season is winding down on Cookies for a Cure. This was conceived as a fundraising blog, a motivation and tracking tool for me, and it has been a blast. But as I retire (again) from fundraising, it feels like Cookies for a Cure has run its course.

However! I discovered something surprising over the last few months. I found that I like blogs, I like a lot of bloggers, and I like blogging. So, as Cookies for a Cure winds down, Lemonade & Kidneys will take its place. All I know about the new blog at this point is that it will be more personal and less single-minded than CFAC. I hope it will be at times funny, at times touching. I will continue to chronicle my baking adventures and will try to take better picures of my results. But really, anything could happen in this new playground! I hope you'll come and visit me over there.

And to put a final coda on the fundraising, here's how it breaks down:

Cookie Sales (July & August): $794
First Yard Sale (July): $692
Second Yard Sale (September): $250
Cabaret (September): $2,180
Direct Donations (July-September): $4,837

Total Raised: $8,753

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who encouraged, cheered, consoled, and donated along the way.


Anonymous said...

Ruth, you've done a stellar job, and worked harder than I can imagine. Congratulations on your earnings and contributions to PKD.

You've been a wonderful example to your sons in many ways, also, and started them on the path to the giving of their time and efforts. I'm sure Michael's contribution and example has been immeasurable.

I'm delighted that you're continuing to blog... you're a natural.


BOSSY said...

Congrats on past goals, and totally looking forward to your new bloggy horizons.

Heleen said...

I'll be following you to Lemonde and kidneys!
Wanted to second Marcia, who has expressed herself much better than I could, but I wholeheartedly agree. You rock!!

Anonymous said...

A standing ovation to you, my friend. You outperformed, but I'm not surprised. I look forward to reading your musings on Lemonade and Kidneys.


Bob said...

Hey, Ruth. Congratulations on being recognized as a Pacesetter for the 2007 walk!

Anonymous said...
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